One Small Step…..

We received an exciting email today!  Our adoption application has been approved by our placement agency, CCAI (Chinese Children Adoption International).  This is just a small step in our very long journey.  But, although it’s small,  it’s progress.  It’s one small step closer to bringing this little boy home.

We also submitted our next round of paperwork today.  Our Family Worksheet,  our Letter of Intent, our passport like photos, and a small fee to have all of them translated into Chinese.  Once they are translated they will be sent to China to be reviewed by the CCCWA.    (China Centre for Children’s Welfare and Adoption)  We are told that there will be about a two week wait to hear back.  We are hopeful that we will get news at that time that we have been pre-approved by the CCCWA to be mom and dad to this little guy.  Then the next round of paperwork and fees begins.

Our journey is a little different from most adoptive families.  We have started with a specific waiting child.  It flips the process a little bit for us.  For families that do not start with a specific child they must wait until they are much further in the process to be matched with a child and be able to share photos and information about their child.  Because we are starting with the child we will get to that point a little sooner.  I can’t wait. I want to be able to share pictures!  I want you all to see why I’ve fallen in love with this little boy.  Wait until you hear his giggle!  It melts me every time I hear it.  I can’t wait to see his smile and hear his laugh in person. Until then, you can find me watching the one minute video clip I have of him over and over and over……….and I might rewind and replay the three seconds of his giggle more times than I can count.


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